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Frequently Asked Questions
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How can I start make investments in

Everything is quite simple and convenient. The process can be expressed as the following steps:
1. Go to the official website of, familiarize yourself with the interface;
2. Click "Register", enter your personal and contact information, create a login and password;
3. Enter your login and password, enter your personal account;
4. Select a investment plan.
5. Make a deposit using one of the payment currency;

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What data do I need to provide when registering?

We do not require you to provide passport data and pass verification. You only need to provide standard registration information: full name, username, email address and payment details.

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Active Finance is officially registered?

Yes, our company is officially registered in the UK. We have all the necessary permits for trading and investment activities.

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What funds can be used for investments?

We have selected the most popular payment methods. Currently, you can invest with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether ERC20, Tether TRC20, Tether BEP20, Tron, BNB, ePayCore.

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What is commission fee for transactions?

All operations on Active Finance not have any commissions and additional hidden fees.

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Can I own more than one account?

No, you are not allowed to own more than one account. Please note that only one account is allowed per person. Please do not violate this rule. We can block your account if we notice neglect of this rule.

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Can i have several deposits in onetime?

Yes. in your account can have unlimited several deposits in onetime for one account.

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Can I have referral commission without opening a deposit?

No. Only if you have an active deposit, a multi-level affiliate program awaits you. Our company believes that only active clients can engage in promotion.

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What is the minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum amount required to make a deposit is $20.

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How long does it take to activate a deposit on site?

The action is performed in real time. Add a currency account, refresh the page.

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Can I make a deposit from my account balance?

This feature is provided. You need to log into your account, select "Make a deposit", then check the box next to "Deposit from my account balance".

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How and when can I find out about the status of my account?

The account balance is updated automatically. You can access it around the clock. All you need to access your account information is the web.

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What type of withdrawal?

All the withdrawal operations on our website are conducted by our operators in manual mode.

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What is the minimum withdrawal limit?

Limits for withdrawals amounts:
Minimum amount for withdrawals amount limits for:
For Bitcoin (minimum/maximum withdrawal) - min - 10$ / max - no limits.
For BNB, Litecoin (minimum/maximum withdrawal) - min. - $5/max - no limits.
For Tether TRC20, Tether BEP20 - (minimum/maximum withdrawal) - min - $5/max - no limits.
For Tron, ePayCore - (minimum/maximum withdrawal) - min - $1/max - no limits.

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How can I withdraw the earned funds from the deposit?

The process is simple. On the main page of the site, select "Withdraw", select the method of withdrawing money, indicate the amount, enter the details, carefully check all the data, confirm the operation.

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How quickly are withdrawal requests processed?

All applications for the withdrawal of profits are processed according to the regulations within 16 working hours, excluding weekends.

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Can I change my email address and password?

This possibility is provided. You need to go to the "Account Settings" section, select the desired item - change your login or password, respectively. It is required to enter new data, after confirming the changes by entering a password.

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What should I do if I forgot my password?

It's definitely not worth worrying, a quick password recovery function is provided. You need to go to the authorization form, select "Forgot password". Next, you need to enter a username and email address. Check your email for a valid password.

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How does the company generate profits for its investors?

We diversification in wide ranges of cryppto currency and the combination of various strategies. Our trading strategies allow to determine the most effective algorithm for entry into the transaction. It helps us to make a large number of profitable operations per trading day and generate high profits.

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Who manages the funds in which I buy assets?

The funds are managed by the financial experts of

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Is there a possibility of losing money in investments?

Investments come with risks. You may lose your investment. There is such a rule - the higher the profit planned to be received, the greater the risk of losing the invested funds. To reduce risks, you need to carefully consider the tactics and investment strategy. If you have a limited amount of money, then it is definitely not worth choosing a plan with a lot of risk and investing all your funds. If you do not want to risk too much, then choose a plan with an average risk, deposit the amount of money that you are psychologically ready to lose.